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Migration Guide

From v3 to v4

The major addition to the order v4 API is support for multiple raster files. Prior to v4, customers were expected to upload multi-page PDFs for product with multiple print areas. In v4, you can upload a different raster file for each print area as specified in the create order request. You can also change files, via the patch order request

For products with multiple print areas, multi-page PDF is still supported, and the type must be default. This is very helpful for photo books, greeting cards and calendars.

Breaking changes

Order API V4 introduces some breaking changes, as ennumerated bellow.

  1. The fileUrl property in orderItem has been substituted with files property in v4.
  2. In V4, the get order response, the minimum and maximum delivery dates are returned in the format YYYY-MM-DD. In V3, it is an epoch unix timestamp.

From v2 to v3

In order v3 API, you no longer need a promiseID to create an order. You can create an order with a single request. Gelato will automatically assign the cheapest available shipping method to your orders. However, if you want to use a preferred shipping method, you can do so by providing the shipmentMethodUid property. The available shipping methods are express and normal. See create order request